The Moving Parts of a Big Production

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I have a show this weekend—three sessions over three days. The instructor is teaching remotely. She needs to be seen and heard by the in-house participants and to interact with them in real-time. And all of that needs to be live streamed. This is what it takes to make that happen. Teacher Video IO Let’s […]


One Small Thing Can Ruin The Whole Show

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Imagine you have a successful brand followed by hundreds of thousands of people. You’re not just doing well: you’re a runaway success. And you decide, for your next product launch, it’s all going to hinge around a live stream event. Your email marketing is very effective. Nobody writes better copy. A week out, you announce […]


3 Use Cases For Live Stream Video

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The lack of posts here must mean it’s high summer. Frankly, it’s a relief that life is beginning to slow down again. I’ve had too many long weekends at work and multiple out-of-state trips. And, of course, there have been live streams. I worked my first sporting event as a cameraman at a local soccer […]