The Quickest Video Turnaround is Live Video

There are usually many methods of accomplishing the same thing. This is especially true of technology. But it often involves thinking outside the box.

A friend and regular contractor of mine is producing a corporate event. His client wants to view the raw footage within 24 hours. This isn’t a final deliverable; they just want to know what content they have. My friend asked me the other week, “what’s the best way to quickly turn around a video shoot?”

You may know the answer I’m about to give. It should be obvious, given the website you’re on. But it’s worth understanding why this answer wasn’t immediately obvious to my friend—a long-time veteran of this business who, on most topics, is far more knowledgeable than me.

Live video streaming adds another tool to the modern video producer’s toolbox.

In this instance, he could shoot the event, ingest the footage, output an H264 encode, and upload it somewhere for his client to access. This is traditionally how it’s done. But the advent of live video streaming adds another tool to the modern video producer’s toolbox. It’s another way of getting work done—and getting it done faster than ever before.

I told my friend that the quickest video turnaround is live video.

I understand not recognizing this as an option. The client didn’t ask for live video, so my friend wasn’t thinking about it. 99% of the time, live video is what you serve to your audience. It’s used as an end product and only an end product.

But it doesn’t have to be only an end: it can be a means too.

My friend will be in a corporate setting with ready internet access. He has professional cameras with SDI outputs. He could easily route a video feed into a laptop, with the right hardware. If you have a Mac with a Thunderbolt port, I’ve been using the AJA Video Io-XT for several years now. It not only converts SDI to Thunderbolt, which allows you to interface a video camera with a computer, but will also perform video conversions on-the-fly. It’s full-featured enough for any professional, but easy enough for a novice to learn.

From there, he could broadcast his video to a private YouTube Live event. His client could watch live or at any time afterward. The video would be available for DVR playback immediately.

Doing this would add hardware to the setup. It may even add another head to the production team. But shifting the workload from post-production to production would save hours of time for both him and his client. It would probably seriously impress the client. You wanted a 24 hour turnaround? How about immediately? It seems so trite I can hardly bring myself to type it, but in this business it really is true: time is money.

There’s nothing faster than live.

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