3 Use Cases For Live Stream Video

The lack of posts here must mean it’s high summer. Frankly, it’s a relief that life is beginning to slow down again. I’ve had too many long weekends at work and multiple out-of-state trips.

And, of course, there have been live streams.

I worked my first sporting event as a cameraman at a local soccer game, broadcast live on Facebook. I really have to tip my hat to the producers, Dan Stone and Kale Kaposhilin, for the high production values on display here. The drone footage really elevated the show (I believe it was the DJI Phantom 4, if you’re curious). But it was Dan’s use of OBS Studio as the live stream software that impressed me the most.

Scrub through the game until you find one of the goals. Watch the the graphic come on screen with the player’s information. Dan did this by creating a whole database for both teams in advance of the game. Throw in a bit of code and some graphic design, and all he had to do was type in the player’s number into a command prompt. The graphic went live immediately, populated with all the right data.

Does this impress you as much as it impresses me?

Dan is not working in broadcast television. This isn’t Manchester United—it’s a semi-professional team you’ve never heard of before. He’s using surprisingly affordable equipment, as well as open-source software. If you have a mind for this kind of work, it is entirely within your means to create a professional show. The barrier to entry has never been lower.

I also produced a Facebook Live broadcast for Dan and Kale of a local tech meetup that we’re all members of. I was at the switcher (a Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD) all night. I love to see the many uses of this medium. Fostering community engagement is particularly satisfying.

I have to be honest: there was a lot of equipment on the floor for this event. It was a tech meetup, after all. But for those of you putting on similar local events, you can really pare back the gear and still put on a nice show. Live streaming is a great way to support and grow your community—especially if you’re seeking to connect a sprawling area like New York’s Hudson Valley

Finally, I produced a live stream of a full weekend educational workshop for my employer, the Omega Institute. That show—like all of our Omega shows—is very professional. Stage lighting, high-end cameras and tripods, and an entire production trailer custom-designed and filled with expensive gear. The workshop is not free, or I’d embed it here. But if energy healing is your jam, it’s for sale through October.

After working these three very different jobs, I couldn’t help but think how fascinating the business of live video streaming has become. Sports, community, and education—such varied productions, all utilizing this medium in creative ways.

How can you use live video?

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